NIKHUWA – Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES)

“No more odor, No annoying sound”

No pesticides in the environment. Just a clean, efficient and effective way to elctrocute mosquitoes.

Mosquito Eradication Services (MES) is designed by professionals with years of experience and expertise in this field.

The machine is designed in view of Environmental and climatic conditions.

It is based on real time monitoring system, the start and stop of the machine is based on real time programming which allows the machine to optimize the use of CO2 gas and to give maximum results it the most efficient and effective way.

The machine has an important feature to operate based on ambient temperature inside and outside. This is very important parameter as the condition of temperature is one of the vital aspects


The Mosquito Eradication Solution is designed based on body temperature of humans and has a natural ability to catch the mosquito through by heat generation and release of carbon dioxide . It stimulates mammal breathing through release of warmed carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) as an attractant.

The machine is finely tuned, scientifically correlated, with measured release of carbon dioxide and heat that precisely mimics a living, breathing target for biting insects.

Other mosquito traps and magnets may use CO2 and heat as an attractant but the MES has been tested against mosquitoes with timely, measures releases.

When the unit first comes on at evening, the Co2 is programmed to release based on real time set in the parameters and program. Body heat signatures are produced with a heat blanket in the heat chamber cycling every few minutes at a pre set temperature. This feature is performed continuously when the unit is running.

It attracts and catches a large number of Anophelin Mosquitoes.

When Co2 is released near one heat trap, the number of mosquitoes responding seemed to increases and comes to the trap, with the Co2. Once the mosquitoes gets into the trap, it is sucked and electrocuted in the heat chamber there by eradicating it in the process.

Benefits of having Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES)

  • MES is safe, environment friendly and user friendly as it dies not use any chemicals and pesticides.
  • Electrical Sturdy and takes care of the Voltage Fluctuation in Indian conditions. Imported machines do not design their product based on Indian conditions and often suffer breakdown due to power fluctuation prevalent in India.
  • Works on real time principle. It operates only for a pre-designed time thereby using the gas optimally to derive maximum result. It also redices the running cost of the machine.
  • Special and carefully designed to be effectively used in Indian conditions
  • Quiet and odorless
  • Rugged Electronic Control System.
  • Energy efficient and result oriented in Unique Indian Conditions
  • Strong, durable aluminium construction
  • Light Weight and small design
  • Maintenance Free
  • User Friendly.

Introduction to the MES

  • The MES can reduce mosquito population in a one-acre area.
  • The MES uses carbon dioxide to mimic respiration and cycles through various body temperatures every 6 to 9 minutes.
  • It attracts mosquitoes, then vacuums them into the unit where they are quietly eliminated.
  • Indigenously developed and manufactured in India.
  • The MES does not use harmful pesticides or chemicals.
  • Made from high grade aluminium / Steel.
  • Fully automatic operation for most effective eradication of mosquitoes.

MES Specifications

  • __mm diameter x __mm tall.
  • 28 KG
  • Uses a standard 230V outlet.
  • Uses a refillable 9. KG carbon dioxide tank.
  • Fabricated from high grade aluminium material.
  • One year factory warranty.

How it Operates

  • The MES uses the mosquito’s natural hunting techniques of heat sensing and carbon dioxide detection.
  • The unit mimics the body temperature and breathing of humans, livestock, poultry and domesticated pets.
  • When the machine is switched on, it automatically begins mimicking body heat and respiration conditions.
  • The MES simulates the breathing of warm-blooded mammals by the release of carbon dioxide.
  • Every 6 to 9 minutes, the MES cycles through various body temperatures to attract the mosquito.
  • Through thermal plumage, and the release of Co2,
    the mosquito is attracted to the unit.

How it works

  • Once attracted towards the unit, the mosquitoes get sucked in.
  • Mosquitoes are killed when they pass through the electrocution grid.
  • The mosquito remains are collected at the bottom caoture net.

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MES Respiration Cycles

  • After switch ON, the machine starts fuctioning automatically as per schedule.
  • The unit emits carbon dioxide for 2 minutes, with fan off. then stops for 1 1/2 minutes with fan ON.
  • This cycle repeats and continues as per program.

Where to place the MES

  • The MES needs to be placed outdoors
  • Do not restrict the airflow to the MES by sitting the unit on the ground or a table or using the capture net for the duration.
  • Place the MES near an area of heavy infestation od mosquitoes.
  • Having the MES in place at the beginning of the mosquito season will make the MES more effective
  • If planning an outdoor event, have the MES in place at least 14 days prior for best results
  • Place the MES in shaded areas for best results.
  • Do not place the MES so that you can downwind from it.

Safety Information

  • The MES is equipped with a 3-prong ground plug and must be connected to an appropriate receptacle that is properly installed and grounded in order to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
  • If an extension cord is required to power the MKS,
    a proper extension cord must be used.
  • Do not place the MKS next to or within 10 feet of a swimming pool or standing water.

Ideal for

  • Muncipalities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals / Health clinics
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Parks
  • Railway stations and bus stands
  • Airports
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Golf Courses / Country Club
  • Stables
  • Farm houses
  • Camp grounds
  • Villas and Bungalows

Mosquito Information

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide
  • Mosquitoes are known carriers of human diseases such as Malaria, Encephalitis, Chikangunya, Dengue, Ross Fever and West Nile Virus
  • The female Mosquito can lay upto 300 eggs at one time
  • The femlae mosquito can produce up to 3000 offspring in her life span
  • Most mosquito species usually remain within 100 yards of where they hatch.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How does the MES really work?
    The MES creates a source of heat and carbon dioxide that attracts female mosquitoes
  • What insects will the MES attract?
    The MES will attract insects that are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide.
    Primarily the female mosquito, No-see-Ums, gnats and biting flies.
  • Does the MES harm the environment in anyway?
    No, the MES using carbon dioxide which mimics breathing.
  • Does the placement of the MES affects the results?
    Yes, Mosquitoes look for the nearest source of heat and carbon dioxide. The closer the MES is placed to mosquitoes, the better it works
  • Is the MES expensive to maintain?
    No, electricity and carbon dioxide are the only expenses for the MES. The use of electricity breaks down to about Rs.90 to 140/- per month. The cost to fill a carbon dioxide tank is approximately Rs. 450/-
  • The MES is plugged in but it seems to keep truning on and off. Is it working properly?
    The MES has a unique operating cycle. The MES emits carbon dioxide for 2 minutes, the stops for 1 1/2 minutes. The MES then produce various animal body heat signatures every 6 to 9 minutes via its heat blanket. The fan runs fir 1 1.2 minutes and shuts off for 2 minutes while carbon dioxide is being released for the first 5 hours. Then the MKS stops releasing carbon dioxide and the fan will run continuous with body hear signatures for the remainder of the night